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ADA Compliant Senior Newsletters

March 2019

How to Apply for College

Deadlines for applications for college admissions at 4-year, 2-year and technical colleges are quickly approaching.  Some colleges may have already closed admissions. Seniors are encouraged to submit applications TODAY.


Complete the application online

   UW Colleges -

   Wisconsin technical college –

(or get a paper application in the Student Services Center)

   WI Private Colleges –

* Some in-state and a variety of out of state private colleges require the Common Application.  To apply go to:  Upon completion of applying to the private college(s) of your choice bring all necessary paperwork, including the full name and address of the college(s) to Student Services.


Senior Transcript Form (available in the Student Services)

If you do not pay online, bring in a check made payable to:

UW Wisconsin for all UW colleges or

Name of Technical College or

Name of Private College

#10 business sized white envelope with 2-First Class Stamps (DO NOT ADDRESS THE ENVELOPE, DO NOT PUT YOUR RETURN ADDRESS ON THE ENVELOPE) We will address this for you!  


ACT/SAT scores must be sent by the ACT/SAT company.  If you did not have your scores sent to the college you are applying to when you took the ACT/SAT go online to or collegeboard. com to have your scores sent.




Next Steps for Admitted Students

Once students have been admitted, they should follow these next steps:

  • Apply for financial aid
  • Explore university housing
  • Sign up for an admitted student event
  • Join the official Facebook group for their class

After students have committed to UW-Madison by confirming their enrollment and paying their class deposit, they should follow these next steps:

  • Sign up for placement test
  • Sign up for Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR)
  • Send final transcript(s)
  • Send AP/CLEP/IB scores

If you have been notified that you are receiving an award or scholarship from the college you will be attending or any other organization and would like to be recognized at Senior Awards Night, bring a copy of the written notification (letters, certificates, emails, etc.) to Mrs. Schroeder in Student Services by May 5th.   

Students who are invited to the Senior Awards program will be notified by mail the week of May 8th.  Awards night is Wednesday, May 15th at 6:30pm in the Parker auditorium.


Stop in the student services office and give your name and branch of service to Mrs. Schroeder.  Jostens supplies military cords for you to wear with your cap and gown for graduation

College Representatives Visit Parker

College representatives come to Student Services on a regular basis.  If you would like to meet with them, come to student services prior to the visit and get a pass.  Sign out with your classroom teacher and come to the Student Services office on the day and time of the visit.  Students will be excused from class during presentation times but you are responsible for any missed work.

Additional visits are added daily so listen for announcements!

Colleges reschedule visits in the spring

Technical College Application Dates

The following programs often have waiting lists so apply as soon as possible.  Radiology, Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, Health Unit Coordinator, Auto Technician, Diesel and Heavy Equipment, Electric Power Distribution, Welding and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

The date your application is received will determine your spot on the waiting list.

Scholarship Application Procedures

Follow these procedures when you apply for scholarships.

1.     Get the application form from the appropriate source.  Scholarship applications may be available from Student Services, on-line from the Parker Home Page, from other websites or from outside agencies.

2.     Type the application if possible.  Make it as neat as possible.   Use black pen.  Never fill out an application in pencil.

3.     Request recommendations at least a week in advance.  Also give the person who is to write the letter a personal information sheet (located in Student Services) about you detailing information that they may not know. (Clubs, leadership roles, honors and awards, work and volunteer experience, etc.)

4.     Request a transcript from Student Services if it is required.  

5.     PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO DEADLINE DATES.  Scholarship committees do not accept late applications.

6.     Note in the newsletter or on the application if you are to return the application to Student Services or mail it yourself.

Scholarship Information

World’s Largest Scholarship Database:

Helps  you find money for college:


Scholarships @ UW-Madison

Financial Aid

The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is the primary form that the federal government, states and colleges use to award grants, scholarships, work study and student loans.  Grants and scholarships are free, but you have to earn the work study dollars and pay back the loans.   

All students should consider applying for financial aid.

  • Financial aid information (FAFSA) is available beginning in October (previously January).  This better aligns the financial aid and college application processes and gives students more time to apply.
  • The application must be completed on-line at  Families can use their prior-prior year tax information to complete the form instead of the prior year’s tax information.  This allows families to file the FAFSA before they file their previous year’s taxes.

Senior Slide

Admission Offices throughout Wisconsin have issued a warning to seniors regarding the importance of doing well during the entire senior year.  Colleges do rescind acceptance of students who do poorly, especially during the second semester.  Also, colleges expect the student to notify the admissions office regarding any 2nd semester schedule changes. Colleges do not look favorably on taking an easy 2nd semester course schedule. 

How Do You Become an Apprentice?

Every apprenticeship is different, from the application process to the length of your training program. For more information on Wisconsin’s apprenticeship requirements and opportunities, visit the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards online or call (608) 266-3332. Before you can enroll in a BTC apprenticeship program, you'll need to complete these steps:

  1. Find an approved employer who'll hire and train you

Finding an apprenticeship is very similar to a typical job search. Check job search sites like the Job Center of Wisconsin for opportunities.

  1. Submit your application

The application process depends on the trade you choose. Visit the Wisconsin Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards for more information.

  1. Get approved by the state

If you meet all the application requirements, you’ll become a registered apprentice, and you and your employer will sign a legal document called an Apprentice Contract.

  1. You're ready to enroll

It’s important to know financial aid is not available for apprenticeship programs. However, your paycheck as an apprentice is guaranteed by Wisconsin law and will increase as your skill level climbs.

Don't ask "Could you write a letter of recommendation for me?" Just about anyone can write a letter. The problem can be what they are going to include in the letter. Rather, ask "Do you feel you know me well enough to write me a good letter of recommendation?" By giving the following information such as your g.p.a, your rank, your outside activities, leadership positions and volunteer work to the person who is being asked to write the letter of recommendation you can be assured that those who say "yes" will be enthusiastic about your performance and will write a positive letter.

Letter of Recommendation forms can be found in the student services office.  Fill out the form and include this when you request a letter of recommendation.  Always allow at least two weeks to complete the letter.  Your teachers will do a better job on your letter if they don’t have to rush.   Also, keep a copy of the letter(s) for use later in the college application and scholarship process.

New General Scholarships

Elks Ladies Scholarship -2 scholarships are available to males and females at Craig and Parker.  Applications are available in the Student Services office and are due to Student Services by April 12th.  

Jessica Joy Arnold Memorial Scholarship – Available to any graduating senior with at least a 3.0 GPA.  Must show leadership (preference will be given to those who have been actively involved in 4-H, FFA or the Arabian Horse Association).  Student must show letter of acceptance to a college or university for the fall taking at least 12 credits.  Letters of recommendation and high school transcripts are required.  The application is available in the student services office and must be returned yourself by April 15th.

Lincoln Elementary School PTA ScholarshipAvailable to any student who attended Lincoln Elementary. Applications are available in the Student Services office and must be returned to student services by April 16th

Southwestern Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Scholarship – Applicants must be producers, family or employees of Producers shipping their milk to SWCMA member plant, must be enrolled in a college/university in a Dairy related field.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned yourself by April 13.

Steve Stricker American Family Insurance Foundation Scholarship – Applicants must be a high school senior with at least a 3.0 GPA.  Must demonstrate participation in the game of golf through competitive participation, recreational participation, employment at a golf course or golf retailer and/or volunteering at a golf tournament.  Application deadline is April 2.  Apply at:

Washington PTA Scholarship – Available to any student who attended Washington Elementary School.  Applications are available in the student services office and must be returned yourself by March 31st.

Previously Published Scholarships

AB Nicholas Scholarship Foundation – Available to any male or female basketball player/manager who plan to attend any of the University of Wisconsin system schools.  For more information visit www.AbNicholasScholars.orgDeadline for applying is April 30.

Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants – Awarding up to $1000 each year.  Log on to:

for more information. 

Scholarship Deadline is June 14.

Badger Chordhawks Vocal Scholarship – Available to graduating seniors who plan to make music a part of their college studies.  Applications are available online at:

Deadline for applying is April 1.

Carrie Crystal Stuckert Memorial Art Scholarship – Available to any student enrolled as an Art major at an accredited institution of higher learning in the United States (includes Art Therapy)  All applicants must be US citizens.  Applications can be obtained in the student services office.  Deadline for applying is April 26th.

Color of Hope 10517 – The Color of Hope 10517 was inspired by Andrew, who passes away at the age of 14.  Andrew taught himself to play the guitar and piano, write songs, and perform for anyone who would listen.  These scholarships were established to help students interested in pursuing a degree in Music, Art or the study of Psychology.  Logon to: https://www.thecolorofhope and scroll down to Scholarships in Honor of Andrew for instructions.  All that is required is an essay explaining why you chose this field of study and why we should chose you for this award.  Essays will be accepted from January 1st - March 31st.

Franklin Middle School PTSA Alumni Scholarship – For any student who attended Franklin Middle School.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned yourself by April 13th.

JFFC Firefighter Scholarship – Available to any student who is pursuing a degree in firefighting or EMS.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned to student services by April 1.

Janesville Catholic Women’s Club – Student must be a practicing Catholic with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Student must have a friend or a relative who is a member of the Janesville Catholic Women’s Club.  Based on active involvement in the Catholic Church, academic standings and other extra-curricular activities in church and school.  Applications are available in the Student Services office.  Return to Student Services by April 1.

Janesville Noon Kiwanis Scholarship - Available to any student pursuing a post-secondary education.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned to student services by April 1st.

Janesville Noon Lions Club Scholarship – Available to any student pursuing a post-secondary education.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned to student services by April 1st.

J.P. Cullen Foundation Scholarship – Available to any young women or man who are interested in entering the construction field.  Applications are available in the Student Services office and must be returned to J.P. Cullen by March 31st.

Kid’s Chance of Wisconsin – Provides educational scholarships to the children of Wisconsin workers who have been seriously injured or killed due to work-related accidents.  Apply by May 1st by using the application form available at www.kidschanceof

Laura Watson Volunteer Service Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is in memory Laura Watson, a longtime member of Lincoln PTA, The Janesville Area Council PTA and the Wisconsin PTA.  Laura was also an employee at Parker High School.  Applicants should have volunteer service.  Applications are available in the Student Services office and must be returned to Student Services by April 23rd 

Parker High School PTSA Scholarship – Must be a PTSA member and have attended two meetings of the Parker PTSA prior to the scholarship application.  Will be paid after providing proof of at least a 2.75 GPA your first semester of college.  Applications are available in the student services offices and must be returned to student services by Friday, March 23rd.

Parker Viking Athletic Booster Club Scholarship – Students must graduate from Parker, have completed SIX athletic seasons during high school, which includes athletics, Pom Pons, Cheerleaders and managers. Must be of good character who is dedicated and exemplifies team sportsmanship.  Applications can be picked up in student services and returned to student services by NOON ON APRIL 12th.  There will be no exceptions.

Polish Heritage Club Scholarship – Applicant must be of verifiable Polish ancestry OR studying the Polish language, history, society or culture OR be significantly engaged with Polish culture, must be a US citizen or a legal permanent resident, must be a Wisconsin resident, must be enrolling in and educational program seeking the associated or bachelor’s degree in any field, and has demonstrated excellent academic performance (3-4 GPA)

Applications are available at:

Applications must be postmarked no later than May 15th.

Riverside Men’s Golf Association Scholarships – George Clatworthy Memorial Scholarship and Gene Thorp, Fred Parkinson, Don Kazda Memorial Scholarship – Available to any senior going to a 4 year, 2 year, vocational-technical, beauty school, business school, etc. who is a member of high school golf team or a son/daughter of a RMGA member.  Application forms can be downloaded at: the application, fill it out and email back to:

Application deadline is April 15.

Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship – Available to any US citizen or permanent US resident who is enrolled or accepted in an accredited college or university and pursuing a health-related degree.  Areas of study that will be considered include counseling, social work, emergency medicine, pre-med, nursing, psychology.  Applicants must submit and essay no more than 500 words describing why they are passionate about health care.  More information and applications are available at:

Deadline for applying is June 30, 2019

South Central WI Builders Association – Student must demonstrate the following: Interest in pursuing a career in a building industry related field, be enrolled as a full-time student and have a GPA of at least 2.5.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned to the SCWBA office by March 29th .

Student-View Scholarship – Available to any seniors who plan to attend a four-year college, community/junior college or career school.  No minimum SAT/ACT score or gpa, no essay required, no lengthy application forms, no application fees.  Simply log on to: And complete a 15-20 minute application survey about colleges in your area.  The scholarship deadline is April 22nd.

St. William Catholic School Scholarship – Available to any student who attended St. William School for at least three years. Applications are in the Student Services office and must be returned to St. William School by March 29th

Van Buren Elementary School PTA Scholarship – For any student who attended Van Buren Elementary School.  Applications are available in student services and must be returned yourself by April 13th.

Vietnam Veterans of America Rock River Chapter #236 – Applicant’s father, mother or grandparent must be a Vietnam-era Veteran.  The veteran does not have to have served in the Republic of Vietnam. The application must be accompanied by proof of service dates.  Applications are available in the Student Services office and must be returned by you postmarked no later March 20th.

Wisconsin Towns Association Scholarship – Available to high school seniors graduating in 2019 and plan to enroll in a Wisconsin college or university in 2019.  The winners will be determined by independent judging of essays about the following topic: “Explain the importance of high speed broadband access to town economic and community development”.  Essays must be postmarked by May 31, 2019.  The application form is available in student services.


This scholarship is available to any student who will be attending BTC in the fall of 2019.  Applicants must have two letters of recommendation and a written statement answering the four questions provided on the application.

Applications are available in the student services office and must be returned to BTC financial office by May 1st.  For additional private scholarships go to:

UW College Scholarship Websites

Parker High School is not aware of all scholarships available through your college.  Listed below are specific UW college websites.  Check out the websites for scholarship opportunities. 

UW Eau Claire Scholarships

We are excited to share a groundbreaking scholarship program: The Centennial Scholarship. This is a $5000 scholarship which provides $2500 to students in their first year and then they bank $2500 to use toward experiences such as study abroad, research, internships, etc.

More details and scholarship application here:

We now use a separate scholarship application for most of our scholarships and it needs to be submitted by February 1 (December1 for early awards).

UW Green Bay Scholarships

The deadline to apply for new student scholarships is February 15. Scholarship information and application instructions are available at

UW La Crosse Scholarships

Our Foundation Office offers pages and pages of scholarships. In order to be considered, seniors need to apply for the Foundation Scholarships by February 15. The scholarship application is available at

The application for admission is used to determine recipients of scholarships awarded through the Admissions Office. The most academically-talented students from the pool of admitted students will receive scholarships and will be notified by mail.

UW Madison Scholarships

Find information on all our available scholarships at

UW Oshkosh Scholarships

Students must submit applications to receive UW-Oshkosh scholarships. We do not use the application for admission to award scholarships. Deadlines vary between January and March. Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholars may receive renewable benefits that include $2000 for tuition, half the cost of room/board, $400 for books, and a $1500 work opportunity in addition to the State tuition award of $2250

UW Platteville Scholarships

Students must apply and be admitted to UW-Platteville before submitting the application for any of the following scholarships. All applications are available online at

UW River Falls Scholarships

Scholarship awards will begin early December and continue throughout the spring. For consideration, your students need to be admitted and have submitted the scholarship application by February 5, 2015. The scholarship application is available at

UW Stevens Point Scholarships

Our freshman scholarship application is available at

Priority consideration will be given to admit students who have submitted the scholarship application by January 15. Substantial tuition scholarships are available to National Merit semifinalists and finalists.

UW Stout Scholarships

The Stout University Foundation Scholarship deadline is now the first Monday in February of the student’s senior year in high school. We also offer academic merit based scholarships for incoming freshmen including:

Stout Scholars, Chancellor’s Scholarship, Polytechnic Scholarship

Check these out at

UW Superior Scholarships

Our application for admission is also a student’s scholarship application. Apply by February 1 in order to be eligible for scholarships. If a student qualifies for a UW-Superior scholarship, they will be sent an email of their next steps in March, which includes submitting a letter of recommendation. Admissions, scholarships, housing or campus visit questions can be answered at (715) 394-8230 or Visit to learn more!

UW Whitewater Scholarships

The admission application also serves as the scholarship application for freshman. Applicants must be admitted by February 1, 2015 to be considered. Scholarship consideration extends to individuals ranking in the top 25% of their high school class with at least a 25 ACT.

Free Scholarship Searches

Each of these interactive sites allows students to search for possible scholarships based on personal information provided by the student. Once an application posted to the Web has been completed, the user is able to search for scholarships using different criteria.

Absolutely Scholarships - Absolutely Scholarships is a searchable database that has over 200,000 available scholarships. The search is performed in two comprehensive scholarship databases.

College Quest - College Quest allows students to search for a campus to meet their needs as well as search for scholarships and other awards. - enables students to match their educational goals with internships, scholarships, and loans. It offers a wide variety of facts and tips to aid students when planning for college.

Financial Aid Search Through the Web (fastWeb) - fastWEB is a database of more than 270,000 scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans -Provides tools, reference materials, and connectivity for college-bound students, counselors and parents.  You may easily browse scholarships; no login information is required.

MOLIS - The Minority on-Line Information Service provides information about scholarship and fellowship opportunities for qualified minority applicants.

MACH25 - The CollegeNET MACH25 database contains listings of more than 500,000 private sector awards (including school-specific awards) from 1,570 sponsors. MACH25 uses residential, personal, academic, organizational affiliation, and general criteria to match the student's profile against the award listings.

SRN Express - Scholarship Resource Network Express (SRN Express) gives students access to a database of over 150,000 awards. The information is available to undergraduate and graduate students. There is also information about student loan repayment.

Wired Scholar - Wired Scholar allows students to complete an online profile to see for which scholarships they are eligible. Gain access to over 600,000 scholarships, grants, fellowships and internships. This database is available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Valuable Websites

Parker Home Page

Fast Web

UW Helpline

Scholarship Search

Financial Aid information

Financial Aid information

Military Information

Selective Service

When males turn 18, they must register with selective service. 

Where?  At the Post Office or

To learn more about the military, check out the following web sites.




Air Force 

Coast Guard

Military recruiters are in the Parker commons during lunch periods.

Campus Visits are Essential

One of the best ways for a prospective student and his/her parents to determine if a college is a good choice is to visit the campus.  In addition to providing the opportunity to meet with admission personnel, campus visits allow a student to see the campus through a guided tour.  Students can also make arrangements to meet with faculty, coaches or other university staff by pre-arranged appointments. 

Campus Preview Days or Close-Ups offer a more extensive agenda.  These programs are typically half-day events that feature informational sessions with faculty, student service representatives and current students.

Scheduling early is key when arranging a campus visit or making plans to attend a preview day.  Students should schedule with the campus at least one to two weeks in advance of the date they wish to visit.  The reservations for some tour and preview days fill quickly, especially on teacher convention days, so it is important to plan ahead.  

You can find Preview Day and tour information on the websites of the individual colleges.  All of the Wisconsin private and state campuses home pages have a link from the Parker Home Page.  You can also call the admissions offices of the campuses using the numbers listed below. 

UW-System                                             Wisconsin Private Colleges

UW-Eau Claire         715-836-5415         Alverno College        800-933-3401

UW-Green Bay        920-465-2111         Beloit College           608-363-2500

UW-La Crosse         608-785-8939         Cardinal Stritch         800-347-8822

UW-Madison           608-262-3961         Carroll College          800-227-7655

UW-Milwaukee        414-229-3800         Carthage College       800-351-4058

UW-Oshkosh           920-424-0202         Concordia University    888-628-9472

UW-Parkside           262-595-2355         Edgewood College    800-444-4861

UW-Platteville          608-342-1125         Lakeland College      800-242-3347

UW-River Falls        715-425-3500         Lawrence College     800-227-0982

UW-Stevens Point    715-346-2441         Marian College         800-262-7426

UW-Stout                 715-232-1232         Marquette College    800-222-6544

UW-Superior           715-394-8230         Milwaukee School

UW-Whitewater       262-472-1440           of Engineering        800-332-6763

                                                                Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design      888-749-6423

Technical Colleges                                  Mount Mary College 800-321-6265

Blackhawk Tech        608-757-7713       Northland College     800-753-1840

Chippewa Valley Tech 800-547-2882     Ripon College           800-947-4766

Fox Valley Tech        800-735-3882       St. Norbert College   800-236-4878

Gateway Tech            800-247-7122       Silver Lake College  800-236-4752

Lakeshore Tech         888-468-6582       Viterbo College        800-848-3726

Madison Area Tech   608-246-6205       Wisconsin Lutheran 888-947-5884

Mid-State Tech          715-422-5300

Milwaukee Area Tech               414-297-6370

Moraine Park Tech    800-472-4554

Nicolet Area Tech      715-365-4451

Northcentral Tech      715-675-3331

Northeast Tech          800-422-6982

Southwest Tech         800-362-3322

Waukesha Cnty Tech   262-691-5200

Western WI Tech       608-785-9571

“Careers in Construction”

The Building and Construction Trades Council of South Central Wisconsin will be hosting the 16th Annual “Careers in Construction” event on Wednesday, March 20 from 9 AM to 3 PM at Steamfitters Local 601’s Training Center

6310 Town Center Dr., Madison, WI 53718

Representatives from various building trades unions will be doing hands-on interactive displays.  Students will participate in masonry, plumbing, electrical, painting, crane simulation and more.  This is a free event for high school students, teachers, and industry representatives.

Call of email to RSVP:

Dave Branson

Executive Director

Building and Construction Trades Council

Of South Central Wisconsin

Phone: (608) 256-3161