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Graduation Requirements

For the Class of 2018 and beyond

Students graduating in 2018 and beyond must earn 26.5 credits. A course that meets five days per week for one semester is awarded .5 of a credit. A STUDENT MUST CARRY SEVEN FULL TIME COURSES. Each student must earn credits in the following:

Curricular Area Number of Credits
English 4
Mathematics 3
Social Studies** 3
Science 1 Credit Physical*
1 Credit Biological (Life)*
1 Credit Additional Science
Physical Education 1.5
Freshman Seminar .5
Personal Finance .5
Additional Credits in:
Math, Science, Social Studies or English
Total Required Credits 16.5
Total Elective Credits 10
Total of All Credits for Graduation 2018 26.5
**1 credit must be in:
AP American History or US History
Physical Science
AP Chemistry
Earth Science
AP Physics
Animal Science ES (1 sem)
Plant Science ES (1 sem)
AP Biology
Anatomy&Physiology I (1 sem)
Anatomy&Physiology II (1 sem)
Genetics I (1 sem)
Genetics II (1 sem)
Applied Microbiology (1 sem)
Medical Microbiology (1 sem)
Ecology (1 sem)
Forensic Science