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Parker Athletics Meeting 2023

Parker Athletics Meeting 2023

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Mission Statement

Parker Athletics provides an educationally based experience that promotes collaboration between teammates, coaches, and community while developing strong moral and performance character.  As an extension of the classroom, our student-athletes are coached in life-long lessons and work to develop themselves as better people.

Shared Purpose

Through participation as a student-athlete,  we believe students will answer yes to the following questions:

  1. Do I belong here?

  2. Did I get better?

  3. What did I learn?


Athletics Team

Coach Kreger, Building Athletic Director  608-743-5645

I lead to inspire and empower others through meaningful relationships in a positive and disciplined culture that focuses on continuous learning.


Mrs. Lou, Parker Athletics  608-743-5641


Mr. McClowry, District Athletic Director

Definition of Success

Parker Athletics defines success by:

  • Did we create lifelong relationships?
  • Did we create lifelong memories?
  • Did we teach and model lifelong lessons?

Purpose Vision

We provide purpose-based athletic programs in a positive and disciplined culture that focuses on continuous learning.

  • We are an extension of the school day.  Our coaches are mentors and teachers who intentionally develop character skills and create a sense of pride, community, and belonging for our students.
  • For many, their sport practice or competition is the most important “class” of the day.
  • We strive to connect students with transformational mentors.
  • During the pursuit of winning or excellence, students will experience challenges - it is in those moments that lessons are taught.
  • We will plan, prepare, and perform to win; however, it is not our purpose.

Athletic Participation

  • 24 Sports Offered
  • 680 rostered athletes throughout the 2022-2023 school year
  • 225 rostered freshman athletes throughout the 2022-2023 school year
  • Athletic coaching staff is made up of over 50 dedicated and hardworking individuals


Sports Offered


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Poms/ Dance
  • Soccer
  • Swim
  • Tennis
  • Track




  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Poms / Dance
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swim
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling


Jacob Standiford Physical Education Teacher Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Janesville Parker High School 608-743-5797 Parker Strength

I lead to positively influence the lives of students, build strong relationships and provide life lessons that foster disciplined, responsible, hard working, committed leaders. 

Athletic Performance and Training
Grades 10, 11, 12
Credit 0.5
Length: Semester
Prerequisites: Core PE 9 or Freshmen Weight Training
COurse Number : 565311 565412

Freshman Weight Training
Grade: 9
Credit: 0.5
Length: Semester
Prerequisites: None
Course Number: Semester A: 564011 B: 564012


Summer School Strength & Conditioning

Monday - Thursday (no Fridays)
June 12 - July 20 ( No July 3/4)

Session 4 9th Grade Girls 9:45 am - 11:15am
Session 5 9th Grade Boys 10:30am - 12:00pm
Session 6 7th / 8th Grade (Boys & Girls) 12:15pm - 1:30pm


Monday - Thursday (Girls)
Monday - Friday (Boys)
June12 - July 21 (no July 3/4)

Session 1: 10, 11, 12 Boys 7:30am- 9:45am
Session 2: 10, 11, 12 Boys 8:15am - 9:45am
Session 3: 10, 11, 12 Girls 9:00am - 10:30am




Parker Administration Team


Christopher Laue Principal 608-743-5610 Jolene Terrones Assistant Principal 608-743-5680
Brian Martin Assistant Principal 608-743-5502 Jill Reifsnider Dean of Students 608-743-5660


Parker Athletic Booster Club

  • Without them, we do not have Parker Athletics!

  • Please consider joining with a membership

  • Consider serving on the board

  • President - Diane Jacobson

  • Vice President - Matt Norman

  • Treasurer - Lori Long

  • Secretary - Dave Bohler

  • Concessions Director - Elisa Colson

  • Voting Board Members: Betsy Reed, Shawn Richards, Jill Norman, Kim Nickols, Angie Zarnowski, Debra Cook, Troy Olson, Heather Miller

    • Hard working, selfless people who care about our students and our programs!

Join Today 1 year $25 5 years $100

Mercy Health- Athletic Training Services

Eric LeFave LAT, ATC - Parker High School Athletic Trainer


Mercy Sports Medicine  754-6000

Dr. Darin Rutherford



Please see the information on Concussions 

Wisconsin State Concussion Law (Act 172) was passed in 2011.  This law mandates distribution of preseason educational information sheets to be signed by coaches, athletes and parents.  It also recommends immediate removal of any athlete with a suspected concussion and no same day return to play.  Finally, all injured athletes require written medical clearance from an appropriate health care professional.

  • Impact Testing

    • Baseline test of brain function so we have a standard for comparison if we suspect an athlete has suffered a concussion.

    • Administered on the computer by Eric LeFave (Athletic Trainer)

    • Who takes the impact test?  Only incoming 9th, 11th, and athletes out for the 1st time, or anyone who has suffered a concussion in the past.

      • Fall: Football, Soccer

      • Winter: Wrestling, Hockey, Gymnastics, Basketball

      • Spring: Soccer, Track & Field Jumps & Vault


Athletic Registration Process

Physicals  *MUST BE DATED 4/1/22 OR AFTER FOR 2023-2024

  • Physical copy of the form must be turned in to Mrs. Lou in the Parker Athletic Office (you may drop it off in the main office!)

  • Good for 2 school years (most get them in 9th and 11th grade)

  • Doctor’s offices have the forms at their locations as well

AEIB Form (Athletic Eligibility Information Bulletin)

  • Important Reminders

    • Initial Eligibility

      • A student shall be ineligible for interscholastic competition if they reach their 19th birthday before August 1

      • A student-athlete must meet school and DPI requirements defining a full-time student

      • A full-time student may be afforded up to eight consecutive semesters of interscholastic
        eligibility upon entry into Grade 9. Transferring schools at any time may result in restrictions
        being imposed on eligibility, or in some cases a denial of eligibility.   TALK TO YOUR AD!

    • Amateur Status

      • A student-athlete must be an amateur in all recognized sports of this association in order to compete in any WIAA sport.

        • A student-athlete may not accept, receive or direct to another, reimbursement in any form of salary, cash (including gift cards) or share of game or season proceeds for athletic accomplishments, such as being on a winning team, being selected for the school varsity team, or being a place winner in an individual tournament,

        • A student-athlete may receive: a medal, cup, trophy or plaque from the sponsoring organization regardless of cost; school mementos valued not more than $200; an award valued not more than $100 retail for participation in an athletic contest in a WIAA recognized sport; and may retain non-school competition apparel worn by the student as part of the team uniform.

        • A student-athlete may not receive compensation or benefit, directly or indirectly, for the use of name, picture, and/or personal appearance, as an athlete because of ability, potential and/or performance as an athlete

        •  A student-athlete may not receive free and/or reduced rates on equipment, apparel, camps/clinics/instruction and competitive opportunities that are not identical for any and all interested students.

        • A student-athlete may not be identified (with or without permission) as an athlete, provide endorsement as an athlete or appear as an athlete in the promotion of a commercial/advertisement and/or profit-making event, item, plan, or service.

        • A student-athlete may not participate in school athletics or in sports activities outside the school under a name other than their own name.

    • Non-School Participation

      • Athletes may compete in not more than two non-school competitions with prior school approval during each regular sport season. Nonschool competition will not be allowed during the respective WIAA tournament series in a sport. Violation of this rule results in loss of eligibility for the remainder of the season (including the WIAA tournament series) and forfeiture of the two non-school opportunities.

        •  WIAA rules do not prevent athletes from practicing with nonschool teams or from receiving private skills instruction during the school season. However, they may not participate officially or unofficially (including “bandying”) in more than two non-school competitions or races, including scrimmages against other teams (with school approval).


SDJ Athletic Code

  • Four-Year Binding Agreement
  • 12 Month Code (You don’t get “summers off”)
  • Students responsibility to match the privilege of participation with an equal measure of personal behavior
  • Student and parent/legal guardian must sign the co-curricular code agreement. Signing this acknowledges that the individuals have read and understood the code and agree to abide by it.  All parties must re-sign their code acknowledgement each year.
  • Fall Academics
    • 2022-2023 Semester 2 Final Grade = Initial Eligibility
      • 1F = 7 days starting with earliest allowed competition date
      • 2+ Fs = 21 days starting with earliest allowed competition date
      • 9th graders have a “clean” academic start
  • 2023-2024
    • Progress 1 (Allowed 1F)
    • 2+Fs = 1 Week (Monday - Saturday)
    • Progress 2 (No Fs allowed)
    • 1 F = 5 school days
    • 2+Fs = 15 school days
    • Progress 3 (Allowed 1F)
    • 2+Fs = 1 Week (Monday - Saturday)
    • Semester (No Fs allowed)
    • 1 F = 5 school days
    • 2+Fs = 15 school days


  • No student may practice or play in any competition, contest, etc. unless he/she attended all classes from 11:30am until the end of the school day of the scheduled contes or unless excused by an administrator. (Parent excused absences do not waive this requirement)
  • Any student who is considered truant for any part of the scheduled school day may not practice or compete in any co-curricular activity on that day.
  • Medical Excused - make sure attendance office gets doctors note and it is changed from “Parent Excused” to “Medical Excused”
  • College Visit / Funeral / Principal Excused - Communicate with AD Kreger IN ADVANCE!
  • L= 15+ minutes late = truant
    T= "Tardy" - is not Truant
  • If you parent excuse your student after 11:30, they cannot practice or compete!


  • All injuries must be reported immediately to the coach/advisor in charge of the co-curricular activity.
  • An injury report must be filed promptly in the office of the building Athletic Director. If insurance benefits are to be claimed, a report must be turned in to the School District of Janesville Human Resources office. 
  • Students requiring medical attention must obtain written release from health care provider before returning to practice, competition, contest or performances, etc. 

Care of Equipment

  • It is the responsibility of the student / parent, for the proper care and safekeeping of the equipment issued, Lockers must be secured before and after practice. 
  • Fees for equipment will be added to the student's individual Infinite Campus account. Any missing equipment issued must be paid for by the student or parent, either to the school bookkeeper or fee collectors, prior to competing in another activity. 
  • School-equipment is to be used only for school-related activities

Locker Room Use

  • The locker room is for players and coaches only
  • No "horseplay" shall be permitted in training rooms or locker rooms at any time
  • Training rooms and locker rooms are to be kept clean
  • Training room facilities are to be used only under the direction and supervision of a coach
  • No person may use a cell phone or other device to capture, record, or transfer a representation of a nude or partially nude person in the locker room
  • Students shall secure all items in a locked locker. The SDJ is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Janesville Parker strives to provide an educational environment where every student feels safe, respected, and welcomed. Athletic participation is a privilege, not a right, and student-athletes are expected to model appropriate and positive behavior at all times. Parker High School prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of sex, race national origin, ancestry, religion, color, creed, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical, mental emotional or learning disability. 

Locker Room Rules

  • Use: In-season athletes only - Locker rooms are to be used for changing, showering and using bathroom facilities before and after games/practices. Aside from use during halftime of athletic contests, locker rooms are not to be used for any other activity. 
  • Hazing/ Harassment: School district policy strictly prohibits hazing, harassment and other types of inappropriate conduct. This is especially important in locker room facilities. Report such behavior to staff members immediately.
  • Cell phones: Cell phones and other devices that contain photo or video taking technology are strictly prohibited from use in locker rooms. Secure all such items in lockers with all other possessions.
  • Security: All students' personal and school items should be stored & locked in lockers
  • Property: Respect personal and school property at all times. Do not touch or take any item not belonging to you without the permission of the owner. Vandalisim of any kind will result in disciplinary action that may include suspension, expulsion and referral to law enforcement
  • Loitering: Loitering and hanging out in locker rooms is strictly prohibited. Locker rooms are to be used immediately before and after games/ practices. Students are to vacate the locker room immediately after use. 
  • Privacy: Respect the privacy of all students in locker rooms at all times.


Travel and conduct on trip

  • Participants must use the mode of transportation designated by the school to and from the site of activity or practice. A parent or legal guardian may request an exemption to take his /her student home in his/her private vehicle. This request must be made in person and through written permission. Building Athletic Director, Building Principal & Coaches/ Advisors- will have final approval of all requests
  • School transportation will leave at predesignated times.
  • Coaches and advisors may exercise their discretion with respect to: 
  1. The degree of talking or singing permitted on the way to or from contest or practice
  2. The consumption of food or drink
  3. Dress
  4. Cell phone use
  • All students shall conduct themselves in such a way as to reflect positively on themselves, their family and the school
  • Students shall be responsible for the cleanliness of all areas used during the event in which food or drink is consumed


If you are ineligible, you can’t leave with a school early release.  If it is after the school day, you may travel with the team.


Remember, our purpose is to allow our students to engage and build lifelong relationships.  Bus rides are a big part of this!  We want our athletes traveling on the bus as a team!

Personal Conduct

  • Reporting Code Violations

    • Report to Athletic Director Kreger or Parker Administrator in writing within 1 week of a police arrest / charge

    • Report to Athletic Director Kreger or administrator at anytime

    • Athlete can self-refer

    • Anonymous reports of violations

Penalties for code violations that carry over from one season to the next must be served in the same category as those in which the student began to serve the penalties

Code Violations

​​​​​​​Class I

  • Violation(s) of the criminal state statute are determined by the Superintendent, Director of Human Resources, & Athletic Directors 

  • Penalty is loss of co-curricular activity eligibility for the remainder of student’s co-curricular activity career
  • May apply for reinstatement after 1 year, provided 100 hours of community service has been completed

Class II

  • Hosting gatherings where drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of controlled substances takes place

  • Selling or distributing alcohol or controlled substances

  • Failure of any parent/guardian or student to notify the school of a police-documented violation within 7 calendar days of the violation

  • Penalty will be a loss of eligibility for 1 calendar year from the date of the violation

  • May practice with the team during the season in which they will regain eligibility

  • Required to perform 50 hours of community service during the year of ineligibility

  • Alcohol/Drug Related Activities: Required 3rd Millennium Online Education
    *student expense

Class III

  • Violations other than Class I. Conduct may cause offense to be considered a Class II violation as determined by the Superintendent, Director of Student Services, & Athletic Directors
  • Include but not limited to: Possession, consumption or use of alcohol or controlled substances
  • Physical possession or use of tobacco, including any form of vape or vaping instruments.
  • Non-prescribed use of anabolic steroids or human growth hormones
  • 1st Offense = 25% + 5 Hours Community Service
  • 2nd Offense = Remainder of current season + 1/3 of Next + 10 Hours C.S. 
  • 3rd Offense = One Calendar Year + 15 Hours Community Service
  • Alcohol/Drug Related Activities: Required 3rd Millennium Online Education
  • *student expense

Class IV

  • Presence at a gathering where alcohol or drugs are being consumed by persons under the age of 21
  • Non-prescribed use of creatine
  • 1st Offense = Suspension for one competition
  • 2nd Offense = Suspension for two competitions 
  • 3rd Offense = Suspension of four competitions + 10 hours of Community Service
  • 4th Offense = 1 Calendar Year + 15 Hours Community Service

Academic & Personal Conduct Code 

Suspension During Academic Ineligibility: The penalty for the academic ineligibility shall be served first. The student will serve their behavior code suspension when he/she gains academic eligibility.

Personal Conduct Code

  • Coach or advisor will withhold any team honors if student served or committed a code violation during the activity season
  • Forfeit having name submitted for any special awards:
    • All Conference
    • All State
    • All Region / All District
  • Team (letters, numerals, certificates only)


Participation Fees


2023 - 2024 Participation Fees Pending School Board Approval


A completed and approved Request for waiver or reduced athletic fee form must be on file with the Athletic Office before a fee will be waived or reduced. This form is in addition to the Free/Reduced lunch application that is submitted to the School District of Janesville


Education Based Athletic Programs

  • Our coaches are mentors/educators - meaningful learning happens after 3:28!
  • We prepare the person not the path
  • Mistakes are part of the learning process
  • We define success of our programs beyond the scoreboard
  • We have an opportunity each day to change the trajectory of someone’s life
  • WIAA, SDJ, & School Board policy governs our athletic programs
  • Playing Time Concerns > Coach & Athlete
  • Other Issues Resolution Chain
    • Message delivered vs. message received & message relayed home is not always the same
    • 24-hour rule (includes sending an email)
    • Athletes' presence & voice is crucial when seeking resolution

Meeting procedures

  • Step 1.  Athlete & Coach
  • Step 2.  Athlete, Parent or Trusted Adult with Coach
  • Step 3.  Athlete, Parent or Trusted Adult, Athletic Director with Coach
  • Step 4.  Athlete, Parent or Trusted Adult, District Athletic Director with Coach

Meeting Expectations

  • We will start & end the meeting on time
  • The coach & athlete are both present for the meeting
  • We all agree to speak with integrity
  • We will honor the absent
  • We will assume positive intentions of each other
  • We will not take things personally
  • We agree to be our best self

Purpose Vision

We provide purpose-based athletic programs in a positive and disciplined culture that focuses on continuous learning.

  • We are an extension of the school day.  Our coaches are mentors and teachers who intentionally develop character skills and create a sense of pride, community, and belonging for our students.
  • For many, their sport practice or competition is the most important “class” of the day.
  • We strive to connect students with transformational mentors.
  • During the pursuit of winning or excellence, students will experience challenges - it is in those moments that lessons are taught.
  • We will plan, prepare, and perform to win; however, it is not our purpose.

Thank you for your attention tonight

Where do I go now?


Boys Soccer & Cross Country - make sure that you signed in.  Complete Athletic Registration right away (Laptops & HELP next to THE BARN Store)


Athletic Registration Help: by THE BARN 

  • Football: Stay in the Large Auditorium
  • Girls Swim: B141
  • Cheer: Room 2145
  • Girls Golf: Room 1010
  • Poms: Orchestra Room
  • Girls Tennis: Faculty Lounge
  • Girls Volleyball: Small Auditorium 1145