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Application to Attend PAA


Two people dancing in musical
Please complete the application for the Parker Arts Academy.  If you have questions, contact Jan Knutson at
First Name
Last Name

Note: Students must enroll for the current school year at Parker High School or at Arise Virtual Academy with Parker High School as their home school. This can be arranged by contacting Open Enrollment Specialist, Deen Hartley at 608-743-5152. The New Student Enrollment Office is open year round. For more information, please see the Enrollment Website.

Personal Essay or Video

All students must complete the online application form, and submit either an essay or a video. 

  • If students choose to write an essay, they are to respond to the prompts provided below. To submit an essay, attach the essay in an email addressed to Jan Knutson -
  • If students choose to create a video, they are to respond to the prompts below. To submit a video, either attach the video to an email addressed to Jan Knutson, or upload the video to the Google Drive, and share the file with Jan Knutson -

Please respond to the following 9 prompts in your essay or video: (You are not expected to have experience in all areas of study.)

  • Why do you want to attend the Parker Arts Academy?
  • What do you hope to learn? 
  • What do you perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses in academic classes?
  • Describe your experiences in plays and musicals. Were you onstage or working backstage? 
  • How long have you been interested in theatre?
  • Have you taken acting lessons and with whom?
  • Tell us about the performing you have done in choir. Have you taken private voice lessons? Include how long you have studied and with whom.
  • Do you play any instruments? If yes, tell us which instruments you play and how long you have played.
  • Describe your dance experience. Include the styles of dance you have studied and for how long. (Example - Ballet for three years.)