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Covid Updates

Since we were unable to go and meet our potential incoming freshmen this spring at the middle schools, feel free to contact Coach Kimball if you are interested in joining the volleyball team.(

Online Registration
With the exception of the physical form, all forms are completed online.  Both parents/guardians and student athletes will need to sign into Infinite Campus to complete the registration process.

Parents/guardians must begin the registration process first.  Once they have begun the process, students will then be able complete their portion. Detailed instructions explaining how to register can be found on the Parker Athletics web page.  

The eligibility process must be completed before an athlete will be permitted to participate in a fall sport. Coaches will not allow a student to participate until they have the student’s insurance/medical card.   This will be given to the coaches by the Athletic office once everything has been completed.  The card includes emergency contact information in the event the athlete is injured and needs to be treated by a medical technician.

Athletic Participation Fee.
The School District of Janesville requires a fee for participation in high school co-curricular athletic activities.  Athletic participation fees will be accepted beginning the first day of the school year. Students should submit fees only to Parker Paraprofessionals during their lunch hour. Fees need to be paid by September 14.  The Athletic fee for Volleyball is $75

Students may qualify for a waiver or reduction of fees under certain circumstances. If a student qualifies for reduced lunch, the participation fee can be reduced to 20% of the cost.  If a student qualifies for free lunch, the participation fee can be waived. A Fee Waiver Request form must be completed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the Athletic Office in order for the fee to be reduced or waived.

Speed, Strength and Conditioning:
We strongly encourage our athletes to sign up for the school’s Speed Strength and Conditioning class offered by the school. This is a free course offered at Parker High School. Go to the Parker school website for online registration.  

The Parker school website has the official schedule through a link on the left side of this page, click on the Big Eight Conference tab. For unofficial and summer schedules, follow our Google calendar:

Parkervball111 - (cannot be followed from school email)

Also, follow us on Twitter for results and highlights from matches, as well as updates to the COVID regulations:


2019 MVP - Tina Shelton

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JV Volleyball

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Varsity Volleyball