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Boys' Cross Country

Boys Cross Country Team Photo

Welcome to the Parker Vikings Cross Country Team Website


The Parker Vikings Cross Country Season Schedule:

Summer Running (Off Season) - led by Parker CC athletes - June through 2nd Week of August

Summer Strength & Conditioning (Off Season) - Parker also provides summer strength and conditioning opportunities. Please CLICK HERE for more information on how to become involved in Summer Strength and Conditioning, in addition to our athlete-led summer running. 

Official WIAA Cross Country Season - led by Parker CC coaches - August through October

Practices take place in various locations including our homebase at Rockport Park (2801 Rockport Road), Parker High School, JSOL (Janesville Schools Outdoor Lab), and through neighborhoods and other parks.

What is Cross Country?

Cross country is a sport in which teams and individuals run races on outdoor courses over natural terrain. We run in farm fields, parks, open country, golf courses, and grasslands.  We are a Fall Sport and both boys and girls practice together as a team.  There are no tryouts; everyone makes the team and everyone can run no matter how fast they may be.

Cross Country is literally the only sport where every team cheers for every team. Runners are showered with praise and encouragement throughout the race and crossing the finish line is one of the most incredible feelings one can have in his/her lifetime.  Cross Country runners participate in what other sports consider punishment.  It's about finishing the race and overcoming adversity. It's about pushing yourself beyond one's limits and working together as a team to not only accomplish your own personal best, but to score as a team.

Scoring for Cross Country

The first five runners from each team to cross the finish line receive the points that correspond to their place. The first place runner receives one point, the second place runner two, and so on. The team receiving the lowest score wins.  The sixth and seventh runners on a team, although they don’t receive a score, can also be important, in that they can “displace” scoring runners from the other team. For example, consider the following race: If a team does not have at least five runners they are not eligible to compete as a team, however, the runners can compete as individuals.

Parker Cross Country Communication

Parker Cross Country communicates through the Stack Team App.  If you are a Cross Country athlete at Parker or you are parents or guardians of an athlete, please be sure you connect to the Stack Team App for the most up-to-date information. You can download the app to your phone or simply use the following link in your browser: 

Parker Cross Country Meet Schedule - CLICK HERE - Official site for all Parker athletic events - click "VIEW SCHEDULES" on right menu to select only cross country (or any other sport).