Student Services * Scholarships

Scholarships are provided by local community organizations, state or national organizations, and specific post-secondary schools. The application process differs from scholarship to scholarship. Some organizations have their own form whereas others use the Parker High School Scholarship Form.  This form is available online or in the guidance office.  Some organizations have their own selection committees whereas others have the Parker High School Scholarships Committee make the selection.

Scholarships are advertised to all seniors through a monthly newsletter that is distributed in advisory groups. The Senior Newsletter is also available online.  If the qualifications are met to apply for a scholarship, an application form may be picked up from the Guidance Office or online as indicated in the newsletter.

Some applications require a letter of recommendation from a teacher/counselor/personal friend. The teacher/counselor/personal friend should be given a copy of the applicant's Letter of Recommendation Form.  This form is available online or in the guidance office.  At least one week should be given to write the letter of recommendation. Some scholarships require a picture so it is suggested that a "professional" quality picture be used.

If there are any questions concerning scholarships, please contact the Guidance Office.

If you apply for scholarships, please follow these procedures:

  • Pick up an application form in the Guidance Office or apply online.
  • Notice if the application is to be mailed by you or returned to the guidance office.
  • Type the application - make it look as neat as possible.
  • If you need a teacher/counselor/personal friend to write a letter of recommendation; give them at least one weeks’ notice. Also give them a Letter of Recommendation Form.
  • Make sure it is sent or turned in before the deadline.