LMC * PHS - Spotlight on Learning

Madame Behn's Breakout French Class

THE GREAT SYRUP HEIST - Students in Madame Behn's 4th hour French Class completed activities to find the codes/clues/keys for different locks to uncover the surprise in the final Breakout EDU box.



Watch as the students uncover clues to crack the case!!!



Mrs. Yoerger's Advanced Foods Class

MYTHS OF HUNGER AWARENESS COMMERCIAL - We often believe there is little we can personally do to impact hunger locally, much less globally.  Students in Mrs. Yoerger's Advanced Foods class spent a few days researching ways in which we each one of us can help impact world hunger.  Students were to choose two myths about hunger and make a commercial to create awareness about this worldly issue.  


Check out a few of the finished commercials!




Mr. Conway's World Civilizations

ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS THROUGH GOOGLE MAPS - Research shows learning becomes more meaningful for students when they exploring with a hands-on approach and are applying what they know. This is exactly what the students in Mr. Conway's class have been doing. As the students were learning about the ancient civilizations (Ancient Near East, Indus Valley, Egyptian Kingdoms, China) they used Google Maps to outline the Ancient Empire and created placemarks with important information about the area. This activity gave students an opportunity to create a map of the "old" kingdoms that do not currently exist in Google Maps while learning about what each contributed in order to become a successful civilization.

Take a look at a couple of the finished maps!


Taking a (Virtual) Field Trip to Ford Motor Co.

PHS Tech Ed's Virtual Field (via Discovery Education) - On November 29, a Tech Ed class got an inside look at Ford Motor Company while on a virtual field trip through Discovery Education.  Students were able to take a walk through the plant, hear from the design team and talk with expert engineers within the company.  The main focus of the field trip was to see how the products Ford is making impact real jobs in the market.  One of the best features of Discovery Ed field trips is they are interactive and students from around the country have a chance to ask questions and dig deeper into the learning.  Keep an eye on the Discovery Ed calendar for upcoming events that may benefit YOUR content/learning.


Check out some of the (Virtual) Field Trip!


Using Green Screen Kits in Tech Ed.

Shop Safety Videos in Tech Ed. - Mr. Kapugia put his students to work creating safety videos for the equipment in the wood shop.  Students used information they gathered from manuals to create videos for students to use while studying for safety tests.  Not only were the students creating tutorial videos, but they were also working on skills using a green screen and video editing.  Check out a couple of the videos below!



Building Life Skills in Parker's ID Dept.

Students in the ID Department are becoming career ready! - Parker High School has many great things happening in the classrooms.  Students are learning the skills and knowledge needed to make them successful when they are ready to leave PHS.  The ID department is no exception to this.  NBC 15 did a news story focused on the skills and real-world experiences these students are getting at Parker.  The ID department is working to create opportunities for these students to apply what they are learning so that will be career ready!

Check out the story below: