LMC * Curriculum

Mr. Lee

Drug Resources

Alcohol and Drug Information
DEA, Drug Information
National Institue of Drug Abuse
Office of Drug Control

Mental Health Resources

Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders
Family Doctor
Health Line
Healthy Minds
Mayo Clinic
Medicine Net
Mental Health
Mental Health America
National Alliance on Mental Illness
National Mental Heath Information Center
National Institute of Mental Health
Psych Central
Web MD

Mr. J. VanRoy

Washington Seminar  2012 Class Site
Political Advocacy Groups
Project Vote Smart- Special Interest Groups
Associations on the Net

Mr. Franklin

1920's & The Great Depression

ABC-Clio American History
The Ultimate Hooverville
American Memory-Library of Congress

Late 1800's - Early 1900's Resources

ABC-Clio American History
ABC-Clio World History - Modern
AP Images 
Destiny  - Parker LMC Online Catalog
Encyclopedia Britannica
ProQuest eLibrary Curriculum/History
WorldBook Online
White House   
Top Ten African-American Inventors
Famous Black Inventors  
Robert LaFollette
My Reports Links

Civil War Resources

ABC-Clio American History
ABC-Clio United States at War
ProQuest eLibrary Curriculum
World Book Online 
U.S. Civil War - Library of Congress
American Civil War
Andersonville: A Selective Bibliography
American Civil War Homepage
Civil War Journal of Andrew Jackson Nickell
National Parks Service - Civil War Sites
The Civil War Home Page
Civil War Photos
Primary Source Accounts of the Civil War (PW PCW1618)
Civil War: Smithsonian